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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letting God

 Today I'm thankful for...
34. My quiet rides to work in the morning.
35. Worship music.
36. Finding encouragement in a place I least expected to.

 It only takes a moment to decide to break free from the past... from that which we have always known... from failure.. from the familiar... And yet many prefer comfort over commitment to change, and fuse themselves to the deception of believing that they are the exception to the need for transformation..... Out of insecurity we begin to compare ourselves to the people around us, often seeking out those 'less together' than we are. It makes us feel good knowing we can justify our own refusal for change by diverting attention elsewhere, and continuing to play a role that people can 'look up to'... And yet.... The more I let my own eyes be opened, it is somehow clear that there is great strength in brokenness and great power in the humility of being able to admit how desperately I need a Savior. Deciding change is one thing, but allowing yourself to be changed is quite another.

I have spent so much time trying to change myself. Trying to adjust this or that, quitting this, starting that. Change must come from the inside out. That is way beyond my control. So often I forget who is really in charge. My 23rd year of life has been an eye opening one. I've let go many times, but I have failed to let God.Today I'm surrendering all.  Today I'm letting go and Letting God.

I know I have written so much about change. Probably a lot of the same stuff. It's just where I am  and what I'm going through.


Reformed rebel said...

I can so relate to everything you say. It sounds as if you are talking about me. I will pray for you Jenn because I know how it is.

Blessings in HIM...Chelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn - I love how you say the change comes from the inside out. Trying to change anything on the outside is short lived and of know consequence without the change on the inside. Great post. We are all changing in some way and my hope is to make those changes with Christ, when I get it right!
God bless