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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bookshelf Re-do.

This was my 2nd DIY project, even though I kinda did them all at the same time... I have had this bookshelf since I was a little girl. My Grandfather built it for me. There's a matching cradle/rocking chair that goes with it, but that is being saved for my daughter (that I hope to have someday). Anyway,  it was solid wood and had heart shaped cutouts on the top. At some point in my wonderful teenage years I decided to paint it. (My parents were very good about allowing my brother and I to embrace our creative sides.) When I moved out after high school, it got left at home and my dad used it in his man space in the basement. He cut the hearts off the top (because it was in a man space, it clearly couldn't have hearts on it) but, he never bothered to paint it. He used it in all of its multi-colored glory =). Here she is...

I was going to get rid of her, but I decided that I could probably just paint her and use her. This was a super easy project. I used Zinsser Primer again. IT'S THE BEST.  I used two coats just to make sure those colors wouldn't come through. I couldn't decide on a color. I wanted a dark color, but black was just too dark. I love love love Lowes, so I just went and cruised the paint section, picked out a few browns that I liked, and took the Boyfriend back later. We decided on "Cowboy Boots". I LOVE it. I'm sure the name has a whole lot to do with my love for it, but whatever.  I bought a quart of Valspar Interior/Exterior High Gloss.

I used 3 coats of paint and still have plenty left over in my quart. She turned out wonderfully and made a fantastic addition to the "soon-to-be/work-in-progress" office =)

She's perfect!

Pincushion Creations

Happy Monday Y'all!


J Whitus said...

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Unknown said...

Wow - beautiful job! You are so talented!

Denise said...

Lovely, and it's extra special since it is from your childhood. Now you can treasure it for more years to come! :) Beautiful job!


Jen said...

Thanks Shannon and Denise!!

Julianna said...

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Christine said...

Jen you did a FABULOUS job with this DIY project!!!!

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Christine :)

Ashley said...

I love the brown and the details on the shelf are beautiful!

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Katie @ Made to be a Momma. said...

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