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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Tuesday} Ten

I have been super super busy this past week. I have a huge exam coming up on Friday along with all the other day to day to-dos. BUT I couldn't miss this Tuesday Ten! ten spring colors that I love! Howwwww funnn! Here goes...

Pretty baby pink. Kiss On The Chic-OPI. My all time fave.

Silver. Jewelry or shoes. It's a spring essential!
White. I LOVE the freshness of white anything, from flowers to dresses!
Hot Pink. From my lips to my toesss!!
Light yellow. The perfect, not too in your face yellow.
Orangy-ish. Not too orange. And not too much.
Light Blue. Fantastic.
Teal Blue. Just like the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. Nothing says "Beach" better than spring!!
Kelly Green. after all, Spring is when everything turns green again!
Andddd, finally, all of these colors from the flowers in our yard =)


Happy Tuesday Y'all!


Sew now we are four said...

Oooh - that Kelly green dress makes me smile :-) Lovely choices!

Love Sarah

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