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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe...

I am posting another blog...I know, I know! Two in one day! That's right...  I stumbled upon Simple Single Girl Life and I COULD.NOT.STOP.READING. She's hilarious. And I'm newly single so I was hooked =) She did the I Believe link up and I just couldn't pass this one up.  I am in love with this link up from 
Living In Yellow. So here goes!!!

I Believe...
  • I believe in myself and my ability to change.
  • I believe that there is good in everyone.
  • I believe in real, true, sweaty hands, butterflies in your stomach, know it when it happens, love.
  • I believe that sometimes, all you need to feel better are your girlfriends and a good cry!
  • I believe that every experience molds you into a stronger, braver, happier you.
  • I believe in Family.
  • I believe in best friends!
  • I believe that every girl needs a dog (or two) of her own.
  • I believe that blanket/sheet forts are totally acceptable for children AND adults. 
  • I believe that children are here to remind us of what we once were and how precious our time is.
  • I believe in eating Broccoli Cheese soup from Panera...Even in the summer time!
  • I believe that we all become our mothers.
  • I believe that any time is a good time for sweatpants.
  • I believe that nieces are the greatest gifts God could have ever given me. 
  • I believe that every day must be started with coffee and music.
  • I believe that every girl deserves to be loved. Even on her worst days. 
  • I believe retail therapy.
  • I believe in staying up late and sleeping in whenever possible!
  • I believe that deep down, we all want the same things.
  • I believe in living every single day like it's your last. 

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Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure I'd still get excited about a blanket fort these days! Who says they have to stay in childhood?