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Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Monday!!!

It's Monday again! I'm in a wonderful mood today...Strange for Monday right? But whatever...Happy is good! I had such a great weekend!

It started Thursday night with homemade potato soup. It was fantastic!! We were so proud of ourselves. We at soup and watched the CMA's. I love me some Eric Church and Luke Bryan.

Looks uh-may-zing right?? It was.

Hello Mr. Church!
We just lay all over the couch when her hubby is working =)

Friday night we celebrated two birthdays!! Stuart (the above mentioned hubby) turned 29. And JB turned 27. I really have the greatest friends and love when we all get to celebrate together! We had dinner at this little place called Jackson's, then went dancing at Rare Martini! We had a great night!!

Stu and JB with their Bday candles!!

Pretty Birthday Girl!!!
Me, JC and Jess.
Most of the girls!
Birthday Boy and his Wifey.

Saturday I went to Huntsville to stay with my other Best and her hubby! We had TONS of good food, and TONS of good drinks. We all LOVE Alabama Football. Most of our day was spent counting down the minutes until the Tide kicked off. Most.Stressful.Game.Ever. I really thought I was going to be sick. Seriously. BUT our boys pulled it out. Love me some AJ McCarron! Such a classy guy!

This is how we watch football! 

Red Solo Cup. I fill you up =)
Tiff and I in our game day gear!
I got some beautiful pictures of the fall colors!!
Roll Tide Roll!
Sunday we spent the morning drinking coffee and watching funny YouTube videos. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go watch this one. You can thank me later!

We spent the afternoon shopping and eating and preparing for PB&J's couples shower! Everything turned out great! I had a fantastic weekend and I loved spending some quality time with my sweet friends! Can't wait until their sweet baby girl gets here!!
Jillian and I. Love her and Baby V so much!

I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine was!
Happy Monday, Y'all!!
Jen =)


Erin said...

Every time someone posts a pic of soup I INSTANTLY want it haha, it looks yummy! :)

And you guys are too cute in your game day gear!

Jen said...

OHHH It was so so good! We combined to Pinterest recipes. We were impressed!

Thank you! I love her even though she's an Auburn fan, haha =)

Oh Sunnie Day said...

Love the pics! That soup looks delish



Holly said...

Looks like such a great weekend, girl!!