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Monday, December 17, 2012

No Words...Errr, some rambling.

I say that I don't have words. That's not the whole truth. I have a few things I want to say. First and foremost, my heart is so so heavy for Newtown and the all the precious lives lost, young and old. I can't even imagine what those families are going through. There are no words to describe the horror. My heart is also heavy for the police officers, medical personnel, firefighters and other special teams that had to view that horrific scene over and over again. Their jobs are so special and often overlooked, but what they have been doing the last few days is unimaginable.

I do not want to downplay what happened in Newtown by any means. Not one bit. BUT this is the reality of the state of our nation. There are tragedies everywhere. Every single day. I just want to share with you what has transpired in and around my small-ish town over the weekend...
-There was a deadly shooting at one of our largest hospitals. An officer exchanged gunfire with a man in the hallway. The gunman was shot and killed, the officer and two others were shot and wounded.
-A domestic dispute left three people dead and two others injured. A child and an officer both in critical condition. After a police chase, the suspect was shot and killed.
-A 26 year old man was shot at a gas station after an altercation at another location. He is listed in critical condition.
-A husband came home to find his wife and 2 young children(ages 4 and 5)deceased. No suspects.

These are just the ones I have been able to keep up with. I don't usually watch the news because it's all bad. There are more. I am in such shock. I know you're probably wondering why I am sharing such awful things. These things happen daily in this country. What's even worse to me is the small tragedies that no one notices... Children who don't get to eat dinner. Parents who don't get to see their children because the divorce rate is so high. Parents who have to watch their children suffer for weeks and months because of horrible diseases. Children who don't know their parents. Elderly people who can't afford their medications. Teenage girls getting pregnant. Someone losing a loved one in a car wreck because of road rage. THESE are all tragedies and they happen daily. Why is it that people only seem to care when it is a tragedy of this magnitude? Yes, its a horrific thing. No words can express my sadness. The way those parents feel is the same way millions of people feel all over this country every single day. Can you imagine being a single mom, working two jobs and still not being able to provide food for you children? For that momma, that is a tragedy. And one that she might not ever get over. Who are we to say one tragedy is greater than another? Does the scale of the event really make it "worse"?? None of them are easy. And hurt is the same in every city and every heart. Don't overlook the tragedies that are happeneing right next door to you.

The media destroys us. Everything has to be political these days and it's all about the next big story. And it's absurd. Since when do we allow what's on TV to dictate what should be important to us and where our focus should be? 6 months ago a man went on a rampage in a theater and shot and killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. Some of which are still recovering. Why isn't the media still reporting about this? Because it's not news anymore. One of the injured said "I thought we were going to be heard, I thought there would finally be some changes. Now, we're just a whisper."

We all face tragedy at some point or another. Who am I to say that your hurt isn't as great as mine? We all hurt. We all have brusises and scars and old wounds. Some deeper than others. I do know that we can't live in fear. It is our responsibility to make the real "issues" known. Crazy things are always going to happen. But, the Adam Lanzas and the James Holmes of the world, can be helped. Mental illness is a disease. But it's a disease that can be controlled. We can't stop tragedies from happening...but we can make the world aware of the bigger issues and hopefully put an end to tragedies of this magnitude and nature.

I pray that those precious families find some sort of closure. I pray that they find a way to glorify God in the midst of this crisis. I pray that they find a way to praise Him in this storm. I pray that they find a way to overcome.



Anonymous said...

Oh Jen My heart goes out to the people in your town. You're asolutely right though bad happens everyday in every town and it's always skewed politically. Loved tis post. Thanks for posting this!

Sarah J

Holly said...

The media makes me so angry. I hate watching it, but I also know it helps us be notified of what is going on so we can pray for everyone. Still, it's annoying. I'm so sorry for those horrible tragedies in your town, I'll be praying!