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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living Generously.

Do you live generously? Are you generous with what you have to offer? I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about your heart, your time, your talents, you words. Do you give freely of whatever you have to offer at the moment?  

I think when most people think of giving and being generous, they always think of money. Sure, money is important and giving money when you can is equally important. But money isn't all there is to living generously. Living generously is about being generous with everything you have to offer.

"We have been given much not so we can increase our standard of living; We've been given much so we can increase our standard of giving."

You will be enriched in every way so you can be generous on every occasion, and your generosity... will result in thanksgiving to God.
2 Corinthians 9:11

I have been really examining my life and how I spend it. My heart is heavy knowing that I don't do enough with what I have been given. Our pastor made this statement during his sermon on Sunday. "You don't need equipment to serve...You are the equipment."
I get stuck in the mindset that I don't have any thing to give. It's really not about the things. I have already been given everything I need to give what I have, where I am. I challenge you as I am challenging myself... Give. Give generously. Give your time, give a hug or a smile, give encouraging words, give your talents, give whatever you can to whoever might need it. God calls us to be servants. In serving, we are giving. Live generously. Even when you think you have nothing to offer. Serve graciously. It's what we are called to do. 

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!


Anonymous said...

I think some of that talent is used here to give to people like me. I appreciate this post! Love you!

Jamie said...

The best thing to give is of OURSELVES.

Rachael said...

Great Post! Inspired me to give what I can too .


Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady said...

Amen! People would do well to give of themselves totally with the heart, mind, and spirit with $$$ and talents in his service! Great post. VIsiting from DYWW:) Happy Hump day.

Michell Pulliam said...

Thanks so much Jen for that beautiful post! One of the best feelings in the world is to give and see how blessed the recipients of your (time, resources, assistance, etc) are. True giving does so much more for the giver than the receiver! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for dropping by and linking up! Have a blessed week!;-)

Kristin said...

I love your sermon quote...You don't need equipment to serve, you are the equipment. I actually am understanding this:) My One Word for the year is of my resources, time, whatever God lays on my heart to give, I am letting go and giving and it is SO freeing and such a joy! If you have Him in you, then you have much to give;)
(visiting from a bloghop...nice to 'meet'you)

Covenant Grace said...

We must continue to give. Give and it shall be given to you (Luke 6:38).

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, as a housewife i think of generosity in terms of my time and effort for others and believe me, I need some work in that area and i believe giving of yourself is sometimes way harder than giving your cash because once you hand it over you're done, but with your time you invest way more. Great post and thank you for linking up on Winsome Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you next week
God bless