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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day.

Y'all, I have been so crazy busy lately! I worked all day today so this post is late. I used Valentines day to totally relax! Aside from working all day! This year, I was so so excited to be a part of the Valentines Spread the Love Swap!!

I got my sweet package from Ashley! You can check her out HERE!!! I was so so excited to get home and open my package! I love, love, LOVE surprises!!!

PINK! I LOVE everything pink =)

Seriously, she did such a great job! I am obsessed with tumblers! This one is pink AND has hearts on it! PRESH! Sour Patch Kids are my fave candy ever!! Ummm, heart shaped cookie cutters?? Yes, please!! Precious pink pen and notepad!

I couldn't be happier!! I have used my tumbler everyday since I got it, and y'all know all that candy is already gone! Hahaha! I have the sweetest little Valentines, too! I am so blessed to have so many precious little girls in my life!!

I got the sweetest Valentines card from my youngest niece!
They call me AJ because that is so much easier than saying Aunt Jennifer. It took me forever to decide what they would call me. I love AJ and they both say it perfectly! But, they could call me anything and I wouldn't care!

UMMMM, Can you say adorable! Yes, I will always be her Valentine!!

Meet Violet. My best friends baby girl. Is she not?! I just want to squeeze her and hug her and love her!!

This beautiful little thing belongs to one of my other Bests and she asked me to be her Valentine, too! She loves her Jenny and Jenny loves her!  I mean, LOOK at those dimples!!!

 I spent Valentines day mostly alone. (I'm totally okay with that.) I caught up on all my shows that were dvrd and ate tons of candy, plus a surprise cupcake that my best friend brought me!

I have really had a great week and I hope that y'all have too! I don't have to work tomorrow (Thank goodness) and I have a few projects planned! I can't wait to share them with y'all!! 

Happy Friday! 


Linny said...

Love all the cute kids! Looks like a wonderful Valentines! xo

Erin said...

That tumbler is seriously adorable!! And you can't go wrong with any fruity candy ;) So glad you joined in with us girl!

And Violet?! Oh my word- I cannot handle that cuteness!!!