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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Confessions & The Zoo.

Tuesday Confessions. Why not?

1. I'm absolutely 100% addicted to Candy Crush. I admit it. I can't stop playing, or spending .99 cents on lives only to lose them all in in .634 seconds. But I can't stop. I don't wanna stop!! I get jealous of people who are on level one hundred bajillin and nine. I wanna beat them!!! I'm begging my Facebook friends for lives and tickets! If you are one of them, I apologize...But I'm going to do it again. Ha. If this continues, I think it could be a real problem.

2. I hate doing dishes. LOATHE dishes. I would rather give myself a shot. In the eye. Seriously. I would do the laundry of 4 football teams before I would volunteer to wash a pan or a cup or a plate, or anything.
3. I am not a morning person. I hate waking up. I really need two good cups of coffee to get it together in the mornings. Today was no exception.
4. I'm a procrastinator. Big time. I wait to do everything until the very last possible second. It doesn't matter what it is... I always put it off. ALWAYS. Laundry, studying, waking up, getting gas, buying gifts. You name it, I'm gonna wait to do it. I frustrate myself. Haha.
5. I love cupcakes. I have never been a huge fan of cupcakes or cake or icing, but one of my coworkers has a dream to own her own bakery. And her baking skills are beyond fantastic. Lucky for us, she's always bringin' in cupcakes. My expensive jeans? Not so lucky. They hang in the closet. Because I love cupcakes. And cakes. -She brings cakes, too.- Lucky for me, I wear scrubs to work and have plenty of sweats. Haha!
6. I have a very, veryyyyyy strong desire to pack all my things and move to the beach. Of course, I would have to have a job first. Maybe things will work out... maybe...just maybe there is a move in my future! 
7. I have a Backstreet Boys Pandora station. Yeah, I said it.

I spent Saturday at the Birmingham Zoo with my nieces!  I always have fun with the girls... but sometimes I really struggle with the whole zoo thing... I like the zoo, and I understand that kids LOVE it because they have no concept of "captivity". But it totally breaks my heart sometimes. Those animals can't possibly be happy there. I'm not saying they aren't well taken care of... I just don't think it's fair. It makes me so sad. I just wish I could free them all! Haha. I think I would go to jail for that. For now, I will just try not to think about it. Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip!!

Maddie and I got to feed the Giraffe!! That was actually really cool!!

Alexis was trying to decide if she was going to get in the water.

Sweet girls...Sharing the window and holding hands!

Talking to the Elephant!

Mr. Peacock was definitely showing off!

Pretty parrots.

Our Zoo has a really cool butterfly garden!

This guy followed us up and down the fence line! He wanted out!

Pretty Girl. She was just watching everything.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!


Kathryn said...

I'm a candy crush addict too! I can't stop. I am trying to avoid spending any actual money on it though.

Ashley said...

Hey! I'm a new follower from Bama. :) And I'm so not a morning person either!!
My kids love the Birmingham Zoo!

Nadine said...

I am loving all these zoo pictures! So pretty!