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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five.

Friday is upon us again. Thank goodness. It's been an exhausting week so I'm still in my pajamas being incredibly lazy! Go visit The Sowell Life and link up for the Friday Five, And go visit The Good Life and like up for Five on Friday.

1. Ecards. 
This one especially. This week wasn't the best. Next week will be the week I come out of the program and go back to the gym. Haha. 

2. This.
It's time to stop putting things off. Everyday is a new day.

3. Pasta A La Passion. I saw this on Rachel Ray last week and I had to make it. Y'all. It was SO.GOOD.
I will be posting the original recipe next week along with the changes that I made!

4. Mexican food. Y'all, I have eaten Mexican food 5 times in the last week. YES. 5! That's a lot of cheese dip and fajitas. But, I didn't eat at the same Mexican place each time so it's okay.

5. Young Living Essential Oils. These oils seriously save my life. If for no other reason than they help me sleep. Like a rock. Or a baby. Or a puppy with a full belly. You get it. I sleep. I made my own sleepy time concoction and it's wonderful! The pain cream is just as wonderful. And the best part is that they are 100% natural and perfectly safe to use on everyone, including children and babies! You can replace everything over the counter and even prescription medication. I'm sure you have heard of them. If you haven't and you want to know more, send me an email. I would absolutely love to tell you ALL about them!!

Happy Friday, y'all! Enjoy your weekend!


Nadine said...

Love that ecard. Hilarious! Tell me more about these oils...I have used tea tree and lavender before but I want to get more into it.

Have a great weekend!!!

Suze said...

Bahahaha love that ecard.

I really like Rachel Ray's recipes for the most part. I used to balk at them, but they're good! Glad it was good.

The Morrows said...

One of my most favorite pasta dishes is Bacon Leek Pasta from Rachael Ray! I can't wait to get your recipe for Passion :)