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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Patience (or forbearing) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.

Oh, patience. Have you ever prayed for patience? Yeah? And what happened? The bottom fell out. You had a wreck, got fired, caught someone lying, lost your wallet and your keys all in the same day? Welcome to God's funny sense of humor. That's His funny way of teaching you patience. 

But what about being patient while waiting? Anyone? Bueller? Bueeelller? 
wait verb\ˈwāt\: to stay in a place until an expected event happens, until someone arrives, until it is your turn to do something, etc. : to not do something until something else happens: to remain in a state in which you expect or hope that something will happen soon.

I have the hardest time waiting. For anything. A table at a restaurant, in line for the bathroom, my turn in a game, my turn to go at a four way stop, I just can't wait! I hate it. In this season of my life, God is truly teaching me the meaning of waiting and patience. 

I don't know if you noticed, but "wait" and "patient" go hand in hand.
"Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity"  That. I want what I want I desperately want whatever God has for me. But I want it now. So many times I feel like life is not fair. Everyone is married and having babies. Oh poor me. I want what they haveeeeee! I cry out to Him. Why can't I have that?!  He responds "Because you haven't been waiting patiently, my child."

I have been rushing Gods plan for my life since I could talk. I had it all figured out. Down to the wedding date. Well, that date has come and gone. 

Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit -Ecclesiastes 7:8-

I have spent more time being angry with God than anything else. When things don't go my way, I'm immediately angry with Him. When things happen that I don't understand, I'm angry with Him. This is my season to learn to wait patiently. It ain't easy. But I want what he has for me. So I'm learning to wait patiently, and do so gracefully. And that's just what I'm going to do. More than anything, I want His plan for my life and if that means that I have to wait a little longer, then so be it. 

Happy Saturday, Y'all!

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Heather @ From Here to There said...

I use to do the exact same thing! One day, I was talking with a friend, one of the most influential friends in my life, and she just stopped me and said.... "Heather, I don't really know how to say this, and I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I've noticed that you use the phrase 'I'm mad at God' when anything doesn't measure up to the way you want it". It was the most eye opening statement I've ever heard. At that moment, I quit being mad at God. He's a loving and just God. It's not his job to make sure things go my way, it's called life and there are people who are enduring far worse than I am each and every day. It was one of the most cherished things a friend has ever said to me because it was true - I need to stop blaming God. Praying for you friend!

Christina McGuire said...

Hi Jen!
I just came across your blog and so glad I found ya! Cute blog you have here!
Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as your newest follower. Hope I can have you stop by my blog and follow along with our little family and life in south Florida.

The McGuire Family